Website Design

Website design goes well beyond the visual look of the website. Common in today’s world of websites are dynamic content, user logins, restricted access areas, as well as forums and blogs. Creating a website that is easy to navigate is also very important. It is very easy to remember that leaving a website is only as hard as the click of a mouse. Therefore it is essential that an analysis of what the website is about, and what other users will expect of the website be performed. Also while a website should be unique with its own content look and feel, another thought to keep in mind while developing a website is that people spend most of their time on websites other than yours, so it should be built with common threads that people are familiar with across the web. Before we begin to build a website, we sit down with our clients to review a few basic questions to ensure our clients receive a website that fulfills their needs while meeting the requirements of usability and design that ensure users will have a positive experience. If the client is in the Boise Idaho area, we will sit down in person to review websites that they both like and dislike the design. We review the factors that they particularly like about a design, also we find out what may bother them about a particular design.

Outside of the design of websites they like, we discuss color schemes that are appropriate for the business. Whether you have a business that is local to the Boise area or national, a color scheme will set your website apart from all others and gives it a unique design which customers will remember. If your business has already developed a color scheme you use in your business we will incorporate that color into the design of the website. If a color scheme has not been established, we can pick one out for you, or we can work with you in the color scheme.

Similar to a color scheme a logo is essential to the success of a business. In order to properly brand your website, if you have a logo, we will incorporate that logo into the design of your website. Logos are a great and easy way to brand your business so that your marketing efforts all have a consistent element.

During the interview, we also discuss goals you have for the website. For example a website which is targeted on getting people to know a little about your business and your business is located in Boise, you would have far different needs from your website then if you sell products across the nation.

If you are interested in JMWS building a website, would like a quote or simply are interested in a no obligation evaluation of your web design needs, please feel free to contact us. If you are in the Boise, Meridian, or Nampa area, we will be happy to come to your place of business or meet at a convenient location for the evaluation.

If you are not in Boise or the surrounding area, we will still have a meeting, although the meeting may be over the internet or over the phone. Often throughout the course of the website design process, we will send emails to the client so they can monitor our progress and insure that the website is meeting the goals they had for the site.
Either way, thank you for considering Jason McKenzie Web Services.

Areas we offer local in person meetings include-