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Web Site Design

Before a website is built, rebuilt, or changed, it is important to first have a visual design. Just as a person generally doesn’t start building a house only to draw up the plans later on, the same is true for a web page. When someone builds on the fly, the result is usually properly termed 'a mess'. So whether you are looking to design for the first time, need a redesign, don’t have a clue what it should look like, or know exactly what it will look like when it is finished, we are happy to help in the process. Be sure to look at some of our previously built websites, in the design portfolio.

When designing a website there are a number of factors that need to be considered before the site can be built. Websites that are designed for an audience in the region of Boise Idaho are very different then those which are looking to find viewers all over the USA. We will ensure you have the kind of site you really need. See "The top 10 questions to answer before building a site" to see questions we ask when we perform an initial evaluation. For the inquisitive type, learn more about website design.

Website Skin

Template and Theme Customization Most websites have a particular feel, look or design that is followed throughout the entire website. When this is done, the website generally uses a template to build the consistency. These templates are often called skins or themes. If you have found a theme that fits your blog, website or web store, but need some help to customize or install the theme to your website, then give us a call.

E-commerce and Web stores

Whether you are looking to sell two products on a website you already have, or need to create a web store that will sell hundreds of products we can help. JMWS works with systems to make selling on the web a snap. It can be hard to determine what system will work best for your needs, but don't worry, we have already done the research, and can help you make an intelligent decision.

Web Marketing

The web contains so many aspects. Blogs, search engines, social media sites, video sites, magazines, images, music, personal website, informational, and business websites to name a few of the areas contained. Not all businesses have the same business model. For example a business who sells a generic product nationwide would do better to list their generic product on shopping sites, possibly offer affiliate sales, and sell their product through major web retailers as well as their own site, while the individual who is trying to target Boise, Idaho to sell a specific product would want to be listed on the local search, as well as websites dealing specifically with Boise.

That being said, it is very important that time is spent determining who your target market is and where they hang out on the web. Also, whether people are already aware of your product, and how is the best way to reach those people, or if you need to some product branding and marketing before people will start to search for your specific product. Once that is decided, it is appropriate to then look at the different avenues on the web that would allow the greatest achievement of your goals. If web marketing is new or overwhelming for you, but you would still like to perform your own web marketing, we can perform a basic market analysis, which will allow you to better pinpoint your customers. Also we can build a custom road map for web marketing and coach you along the way. Or if you prefer, we would love to handle web marketing for your business.

Another branch of web marketing is to ensure that if you are a local business serving a specific geographic area you would want your business to be listed on maps sponsored by the search engines. Going back to the Dentist example, people who are searching for Boise Dentists may look on one of the maps offered by the search engines to see business that are listed. If your business appears on the map with a description of your specialty office hours and more, they will be more likely to investigate further.

It is important to note that web marketing can and should closely tie into any traditional marketing being performed. In fact, many businesses have found that to maximize their marketing effectiveness, they should take a holistic approach to marketing and not rely simply on one area of marketing such as phone book ads, search engine optimization, or search engine marketing.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of creating customizing and promoting a site in such a way that the search engines place your website at the top of the search engines result page (SERP). There are two areas for SEO. These are on site and off site Optimization. learn more about SEO


Advertising through search engines can be an effective way to drive traffic to your site. Creating effective ads, motivating landing pages, and competitive bidding for the best ad space can be a daunting task let us help you set up your ads, or coach you through the process. Contact us today.

Other Web Services

  • Blog design and installation
  • Website development
  • Analytics installation
  • PHP development
  • Magento installation and customization
  • Consulting
  • Website redesign