About Jason McKenzie Web Services

Long, long ago in a land far away, Jason was working as an intern when he found himself with nothing to do that day. He sat and pondered what to do or say, then casually surfed the company website and to his GREAT DISMAY, the website was built in a most troubling way! The text was too small, the images were missing. It wasn’t user friendly at all, and after looking twice you may have been dizzy. Scratching his head he began to wonder, “How hard can it be to create something better than this blunder?”

From that fateful day, Jason has spent numerous hours in college, in books and manuals, and on the web; studying, practicing, and perfecting his abilities and understanding. Studying everything from website design to PHP development, as well as web marketing and advertising Jason wanted to understand the web. Starting in September of 2009 Jason McKenzie Web Services has been offering a full line of web solutions to various clients across the Country.

We can help your business reach their goals whatever they may be. Whether you need consulting, a website designed, or a full web marketing solution, we can create a custom solution that will meet your needs at a reasonable price. Contact us today!

Our Guarantee

We will not pressure sell you anything. If we believe we cannot help you we will not sell our services to your business. If adwords, facebook, SEO, ect..., will not be helpful for your business we will not try to sell it to you. We will explain why it is not a good fit and there may be better options available. We want to see you succeed because that is how we succeed. We believe the best and only way to run our web business is to be honest, upfront, and reasonable with our clients.