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SEO- It's about being on Top

SEO is the process of showing up at the top of the search engines when people search for you. This is achieved through two different means; on page optimization and off page optimization.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a subgroup of the web marketing category. Within the SEO group you can either be looking for local SEO, or universal SEO.

To better understand what SEO is, pretend that you are in a classroom with a large group of people. Each of you in the room are going to undergo a series of tests administered by the teacher, or in the websites case the search engine. Scores on the tests are graded on a curve, so the best score is 100%. Now the person who has the highest average score will have the the highest grade in the class or in the SEO case will show up in the number one position and have the highest SEO score.

Moving back to websites, the search engines will review mountains of information regarding your website and compare it to all the other websites that are representing the same subjects as your site. After looking at literally hundreds of factors, the search engine will allocate a score to each website for each keyword group the website is promoting, and this score will determine when that website will appear in the search results.

Now there are hundreds of factors affecting SEO, but a two categories covers most of the major factors. These are on page optimization and off page optimization.

On page optimization covers subjects such as page load time, site structure, amount of content, keywords in the content, interactive content, and domain names.

Off page optimization deals primarily with popularity. Everyone is familiar with the high school popularity social system that exists in almost every school. Websites are also very similar. The website with the most links, from other websites win. For SEO it is not just a matter of most links, but also a matter of where the links are coming from. Links to your website from websites that have a lot of quality links or, receive a lot of traffic do more to help your site then links from a website that no one ever visits. So to for off site SEO it is all about who says your site is cool.

SEO example

For example Bob the dentist wants to increase his presence on the web. More particularly his office is on the west side of Boise and almost in Meridian in Idaho, and he wants local people searching for a dentist to find him, but his website was poorly built back in the nineties when he started his practice and uses frames, tables and images. When the Search engine spiders come to evaluate his site, they become confused by the structure of the website, and since his whole website is made up of pictures, the information in the images can't be read by the Search engine spider, so the spider thinks it is looking at a blank website. To make matters worse, Bob never actively worked to get links to his website, so he has almost no links pointing to his site.

Due to the above and many other factors the search engines give his website a very low SEO score. In turn his website doesn't show up in the search engines when people are looking for a dentist in Boise or Meridian Idaho.

However, after redesigning the website to include to the proper structure and content, Bob was able to help the search engines understand his website relates to the Boise and Meridian region in Idaho, and he is a dentist that specializes in dentistry for children. Also Bob was able to get links to his website from many relevant websites on the web, which showed the Search Engines that his website was not only an expert, but trusted by other sites. Now that bob's site has been optimized it has leap froged his competition in the search engines and now is in the top results for “dentist Boise Idaho” and “children dentist Meridian Idaho” the two keywords phrases that were most important to him.

SEO Promise

While SEO is a great tool to add to your belt for web marketing, it is important to note that SEO does take time. Also depending on how well the competition has been optimized will affect your ability to be placed toward the top in the search engines. We would be happy to do a FREE basic evaluation of your website for on page and off page optimization in relation to your competition. SEO is NOT for every business, we know, recognize and understand that.

Our Promise We will give you an honest evaluation, and if we think SEO is not the best option we will be straightforward in explaining why it is not and what we think will work better.